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Too many people quit before they reach their goals, before their dreams are achieved.  Often, life takes a toll on them and they end up settling for less than they deserve.


But the strong endure, they adapt, they fight through the adversity because they know life's sweetest rewards require hard work, dedication, and commitment.  


That doesn’t mean it’s easy. 


We know all too well that even tough people need a hand-up sometimes.

And now, after 30+ years of fighting to make the Martorano brand a success, we want to help other people who are fighting to reach their goals as well.


That’s why we’ve created The Steve & Marsha Martorano Never Give Up Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit platform focused on supporting individuals who are fighting against the odds to continue their development and achieve their dreams.  The foundation is geared directly towards students and professionals who are furthering their education or professional development while working to provide for themselves and or their family at the same time.    

Steve Martorano is a cook from South Philadelphia who started selling sandwiches out of his mother's basement and now has a nationally known culinary and inspiration brand.  The famous cook, two-time author, and public speaker has restaurants in Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, and Atlantic City, his own marinara sauce, his own wine, and spends his spare time mentoring, coaching, and praying with his fans.
Steve coaches about the true value of never giving up from personal experience.  After leaving a rough life behind in Philadelphia, Steve moved to Fort Lauderdale with $40 in his pocket and worked tirelessly to build his business.  His book "It Ain't Sauce, It's Gravy" shares in depth stories of the adversity that tackled Steve at different stages in his life.   But every time he was knocked down, he got back up and kept going.
Steve's backstory is why it's so important for him and his wife Marsha (who is the general manager of all of the Martorano's brand businesses) to give back to people who are fighting to reach their dreams.  They're committed to sharing their inspirational story and give those in need a reminder to NEVER EVER GIVE UP.




Applicants or a third party may submit an application at anytime during the year.


Twice a year, the foundation selects up to four applicants to help support them in their journey towards chasing their goals.  Support from the foundation can include paying for expenses like tuition, supplies, home goods, child care, transportation, and or any expense that seems to be an extraordinary burden at this time.


Upcoming Applicant Selection Dates

December 2019

June 2020 


Applicants must meet the following requirements to be considered for support from the foundation:


Must be at least 18 years of age.


Must be enrolled full-time in one of the following types of educational programs:

  • Undergraduate Program

  • Graduate Program

  • Culinary Program

  • Trade or Technical Program

  • Medical Program


*Other professional development programs or courses will be considered, please describe the detail within your application


Must be currently employed and working at least 20 hours per week.


Must live in one of the following states:  PA, NJ, FL, NV,  NY (NYC residents Only please*)


Submit the following information to :

  1. No more than three typed pages of a brief summary about you,  your family, your career goals, and personal goals.  Within your summary please outline areas in your life that are currently extraordinarily difficult due to your combined schedule of work and education.  Please submit your summary in PDF.

  2. A copy of your recent class schedule that shows your name

  3. A copy of your recent paystub hours that shows your name

  4. A copy of your driver's license

  5. Not required, but we’d love to see a brief video of you saying hello to the Never Give Up team and giving a short description of yourself


*The Never Give Up team will accept applications by a 3rd party nominating an applicant


Types of support that the Never Give Up Foundation will consider supporting after reviewing your application:

  • Education tuition and education supplies support

  • Babysitting and daycare support

  • Transportation support

  • Home goods and grocery support

  • Medical bills support


*Other types of support may be considered, please describe the detail within your application


Selection Process:

If your application meets our requirements, a team member will reach out to you for a follow up conversation

  1. If selected for foundation support, a team member will reach out to share with you how we’d like to help

  2. If your application is not selected for support at this time, please don’t be discouraged, that may just mean that there are other applicants in more need of the foundation’s support at this time.  Not being selected at a certain time does not disqualify your application for support at a later date

Donations & Sponsors

We're only accepting a limited number of strategic donations at this time. If you're interested in donating or partnering with the Never Give Up Foundation please email us at  and a team member will reach out to you.


God Bless.

Never Give Up.


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Donations & Sponsors
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