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Cafe Martorano is an  Italian–American restaurant created by Steve Martorano, who has combined the perfect balance of exceptional food, music and movie entertainment to create the most unique and unforgettable dining experience. Familiar Italian-American dishes such as made-to-order Warm Mozzarella or the Famous Homemade Meatball which Gourmet Magazine voted “Best in the World” are taken to the next level with quality ingredients topped with a lot of passion. Whether it’s date night, a business gathering or if you consider yourself a food connoisseur, join us Sunday through Thursday for a comfortable, relaxing restaurant atmosphere. If an upbeat vibe is more your thing, come Friday and Saturday nights after 10 pm and let our live DJ take you on an audio and visual ride spinning everything from Hip-Hop to Disco accompanied by scenes from classic movies. Dancing is strongly encouraged.

“Maybe the best meatball in the world.”

Gourmet Magazine



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Martorano's has locations in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Atlantic City, NJ, and Pittsburgh, PA.

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